YUA in the media

YUA projects have been covered in numerous media in The Netherlands and abroad, click on the following links for articles and items.

Are you interested to write a story about YUA? Please contact us via info@yuafoundation.org

BBC, April 2013 (English): click here

M-Magazine, July 2012 (English): click here

The Guardian November 2011 (English): click here

IKON radio June 2011 (Dutch): click here

AT5 June 2011 (Dutch): click here

Parool June 2011 (Dutch): click here

Metro May 2011 (Dutch): click here

Parool March 2011 (Dutch): click here

Folia March 2011 (Dutch): click here

NRC Next January 2011 (Dutch): click here

VPRO januari 2011 (Dutch): click here

Parool 2010 (Dutch): click here

Metro oktober 2007 (Dutch): click here

Volkskrant mei 2007 (Dutch): click here

Financieel Dagblad april 2007 (Dutch): click here

Het Parool december 2006 (Dutch): click here