About us

The Young Urban Achievers (YUA) is a collective of young people in Amsterdam that brings youth with initiatives and dreams together and guides them in the process of setting up their own businesses and organizations, mainly in the cultural sector.

YUA set up an arthouse cinema with students in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Kriterion Sarajevo. YUA also has projects in Monrovia (Liberia) and Ramallah (Palestine), where we support young people to set up their own businesses.

YUA works in regions where youngsters have a lack of perspective, with a main focus on urban surroundings. Cities are historically the center of economical activity. YUA believes in the power of young people. These highly motivated and talented citizens – The Young Urban Achievers- are the future; their talent, intellect and economical potentials generate grow, development and innovation. Therefore YUA supports and stimulates them in creating a cultural stage where their voice can be heard and their opinion counts.

Our key principles are:

1. A demand driven approach. YUA strives to pinpoint the needs and priorities of local beneficiaries.

2. YUA believes in the strength and potential of students and youngsters. Although young people might lack means and experience, YUA believes that it is exactly this group in a society that have the potential and willpower to let new businesses be successful.

3. YUA sees local entrepreneurs as a condition for sustainability. A project will be most likely to be successful when it is run by local youngsters. They are the ones that have the knowledge and follow developments in their country.

4. YUA is convinced of the power of local and international cooperation. Two people know more than one. Through cooperation expertise is shared, visions are broadened and networks are strengthened.